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Digital marketing vs social media marketing

The truth, however, is that digital marketing has been around longer than social media.

The term digital marketing was first heard in the 1990s, as the internet boom started. Many clients are drawn to companies with social media profiles in today's advertising world. This means social network users can see your brand and can engage with you. If you have products up on social media, this means that people can comment and write brief reviews about it, and they can communicate with you and your team.

Here are key differences to consider between social media marketing and digital marketing.

Social networks

Social media is an online platform that is a small part of digital marketing. It's primarily used to share information. Each social network has a unique set of tools that individuals and businesses can use to make the most to engage their followers and other users. Business accounts can take advantage of social media ads. Some brands don't use social media marketing and are still considered giants in their industry.

This is one difference between social media marketing and digital marketing. With social media, companies generate awareness of their brand, products, or services.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing includes advertising and brand promotion through existing mediums such as TV, radio, and the internet. Based on their respective descriptions, it is challenging to assume how much digital marketing comes from the web.

One of the most detrimental assumptions is that a digital marketer might think everyone is on social media because there are so many people on social media. Even though many people are on social media, many individuals opt out for personal reasons. As a company, you also need to reach out to people who do not use social media. The beauty of a well-constructed digital marketing strategy is that it includes non-social media users.


Digital marketing includes advertising across all digital platforms, from TV, radio, video, and even mobile devices. All digital channels that can be used to sell solutions and services are worthy candidates for digital advertising.

Social media marketing is limited to social media platforms. This means other forms of marketing and advertising. However, social marketing is considered digital marketing.


consumers of goods

Social media is the only platform that allows direct interaction with all users. Your values and aesthetics determine how your customers will react to any product or service. It also provides an opportunity to engage with clients. When developing engaging content, make sure they are relevant, timely, and informative.


Social media employs various digital marketing strategies at a faster speed. Unlike many other platforms, you are continuously connected to a broad customer base. A single click is enough to deliver a message to many people. The advertising process across platforms, especially those that are not connected to the internet, requires lengthy processes that, on the other hand, are not suitable for instant advertising.


When considering a digital marketing plan, you can start with an overarching strategy. Begin with planning ideas around building a TV, mobile phone, radio, and website ads.

Social media is the best way to build a fanbase and to listen and converse with your followers.

So which one is better: digital or social marketing?

If you're still thinking about social marketing in digital marketing, remember that social media marketing is only a part of digital marketing. Both bring essential things to your actions, depending on your business goals. Digital marketing has been around for decades and is now the go-to strategy for many businesses. Social media is new, but it has become one of the most crucial advertising channels for many companies. Brands shouldn't focus on social media advertising but should be a significant part of your engagement.

If you think social media is excellent, it's because it is. It's also a perfect place for new businesses to raise their brand awareness. But it doesn't have to be your only advertising source. Why not? It can take a long time, especially if you don't have the money to hire someone to manage.

When you go into other aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, email advertising, or banner ads, you'll see other long-term benefits. Some of these online advertising techniques attract more users than social media searches. Inbound advertising techniques such as SEO effectively increase your brand value and increase your bottom line over time. You also have access to personal information through the advertisements you receive on your site. Integrating multiple digital marketing strategies into your overall plan is a gradual process that will broaden your brand's reach that allows you to grow.