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Gen Z Recruiting: Attract the Next Generation of Talent in 7 Steps

Attract Generation Z employees by following some basic strategies.

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Generation Z employees are soon overtaking Baby Boomers and Millenials as the largest segment of new workers. In many respects, they vary from their millennial predecessors, including how they like to work and what they expect from their employers.

Generation Z: Generation Z is the demographic generation that follows the millennials. A Gen Zer was born between 1997 and 2012. The Gen Z population is between the ages of 10 and 25 in 2022 and includes about 67 million people that was born into a world full of advantages of digital technology – cell phones, social media, Wi-Fi, etc.

If you're not sure how to recruit or maintain this essential group in your business, keep reading. This blog article will address all of your concerns regarding how to recruit and keep Generation Z employees so you can reap the benefits of this underutilized workforce.

Why should you hire gen z employees?

Businesses are seeking the best methods to recruit Gen Zers because of the great value they offer to the workplace.

- With the technologies your company utilizes, it's considerably easier to train and onboard Gen Zers.
- Creativity and innovation are boosted by a varied workforce. Gen Zers excite your team by bringing new perspectives, humor, and life experiences that no other generation can match.
- They want and prosper on autonomy. They'll go online and hunt for answers on their own. They don't need to be micromanaged by your bosses. They actually despise being micromanaged.
- Generation Z is dedicated to issues that are bigger than itself. They believe they can make a significant difference in the firm. They've arrived at your workplace determined to make a positive difference for a better purpose.

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Workplace strategies that appeal to Generation Z candidates:

There are several strategies for attracting and retaining Generation Z personnel. Some of the most in-demand employment trends for Gen Z candidates are listed below.

1. Refresh and optimize your career sites and job postings for Google:

Your career landing page is an excellent resource for Gen Z to swiftly learn about open positions and apply for them. When you update your job site for the Google search engine, your open positions will appear on Google's search results pages when someone types in keywords or key phrases like "digital marketing company California." These job listings can include information relevant to Gen Z, such as work hours, salary, responsibilities, and others. Candidates will locate your available positions faster if you provide as much information as possible, resulting in a streamlined application process and a better applicant experience.

2. Create attractive and valuable content:

Create and publish captivating brand material that appeals directly to Gen Z candidates, such as information about your mission, diversity, and inclusion, culture, training, social responsibility, and industry-specific discussions (think women in programming, for example). To enlighten your applicants and encourage organic search through Google, share information on your career and social media sites. The more relevant information you generate and post, the more likely you are to attract Gen Z applicants to your job site.

When asked what they do with their leisure time, 74% of Gen Z respondents said they spend it online, according to a recent survey. This suggests that a digital content strategy might be beneficial to your talent acquisition specialists.

3. Apply text recruiting as a low-stress strategy:

Text messaging is a low-stress form of communication. It is less formal than a phone call or email and takes less time to react to. Recruiters may use text messaging to interact with Generation Z applicants in a method that they are comfortable with. You may use text recruitment software to automate the sending and receiving of messages and improve the productivity, accuracy, consistency, and optimization of the process.

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4. Demonstrate diversity in your employer's teams:

According to the iCIMS Class of 2021 research, 58% of graduates want to see diversity highlighted throughout the hiring or interview process. Because Gen Z is the most diverse generation, they are likely to place high importance on workplace diversity. They simply want to see themselves and their communities represented in their employment.

Within your employer brand, they search for clear evidence of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Employers should also strive for consistent branding across all channels. Because Generation Z is the most connected generation, if your employer's brand changes from one platform to the next, they may doubt your beliefs and become completely disengaged from your brand.

5. Use social media job applications:

Companies may leverage social media to promote their employer brand and allow Gen Z applicants to register for employment directly from their phones. Because there are so many social media sites to choose from, it's crucial to figure out where Gen Z spends their time. According to surveys, people between the ages of 18 and 24 are more likely to use Instagram (76%), Snapchat (75%), and TikTok (55% ) in 2021.

These encounters are similar to the kinds of consumer and entertainment experiences Gen Z has grown to anticipate from marketers on social media. TA teams may take advantage of this trend by developing mobile-friendly career sites and applications. These basic components may be more readily included in a social media campaign, resulting in a more seamless experience for digital native Gen Z candidates.

6. Provide an employee referral program:

An employee recommendation program is a terrific approach to recruiting applicants from all generations. However, Gen Z applicants may be simpler to find through word-of-mouth referrals than prior generations because very often Gen Z employees promote a friend to your organization, that friend may refer a third person because they "heard a lot" about your company culture or advantages. Implement a referral program and encourage Gen Z employees to share open positions with their friends. Your present talent pool might be your company's finest source for hiring Gen Z talent if you have a robust employee referral program.

7. Provide a clear career evolution:

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, demonstrations, rioting, and the repercussions of global climate change, Gen Z applicants are more cautious and alert when picking a job. These events may have an impact on Gen Z's perceptions of workplace longevity. They want to be ready for the unexpected and have the tools to adjust to new working conditions or job demands.

To assist Gen Z to join your organization, provide clear career routes, mentorship programs, and training. These initiatives may demonstrate to Gen Z prospects that you appreciate them for their long-term potential, not only for their ability to fill an entry-level position.

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Prepare to attract Gen Z talents to your company easier!

While these may appear to be typical expectations of young applicants attempting to figure out their career and life goals, responding to their needs is a wise investment if a firm wants to remain competitive. As Generation Z enters the workforce, these needs will become the standard in firms, rather than merely employee preferences.

What is your approach to hiring Gen Z employees? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!