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SERP Ranking: How to gain SERP Position Zero?

A Google response block is information that appears on zero position in Google search results for some search queries. This block is also called Featured snippet.

According to various estimates, a block of responses accounts for 8% to 15% of clicks on a request.

In fact, the information that falls into this block is automatically extracted from a particular web page, not necessarily in the first place in the search results.

Google Answer Box Types

There are three types of responses all in all - text, list, and table. The text response is the most common, the list is much less common, and it is very rare to see the Featured snippet as a table.

Text block

text block google search

The text block contains the search engine's answer to the question posed by the user. These blocks are great for answering precise, simple questions. According to Search Engine Journal, you are likely to see a text response for queries that start with the words "Who", "How", "Why", and "What".


list google search

It can be either labeled or numbered.

A bulleted list appears where the answer requires a simple listing. These can be various TOPs, lists of participants, or model ranges of car brands.

We can observe numbered lists when step-by-step instructions are required. For example, a recipe for a dish.


table google search

They appear in queries for data on prices, dates, currency rates, and so on.

How to get to zero position on Google?

As noted earlier, it is not at all necessary to be the first in the SERPs. Therefore, a slightly different approach is needed here:

  • Analyze competitors already hitting Google responses. If you see their Featured snippet and understand that your answer would be more accurate, reformat the content on your page in such a way that it fits this block.
  • The content on your site should be structured. Any lists and tables must be titled - the answer to a search query can be the main title of the page, or maybe a subtitle or caption to the image.
  • Check the correctness of your answers. Google looks at a variety of sources to choose which page to fetch information from for a response. If your data differs from data obtained from reliable sources (for example, from Wikipedia), the chance of getting to the zero position is greatly reduced.
  • Feel free to create more content. Add large tables and write long snippets. If you get into the block with answers and there is not enough space for the displayed information, the "More" button will appear, which greatly increases the likelihood of a user going to your site.

These tips, of course, do not guarantee you a 100% chance of getting into a block of answers, but they significantly increase the chances of success.