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Top 5 Google business tools for your 2020 biz.

Google is not just a search engine. It is so much more than that. Beyond the basic search functions we love so much, Google also provides essential tools and products to help entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses.


Whether you've used digital marketing for years or are new in the industry, Google offers highly valuable resources that benefit many small businesses.


The tools and resources that are available help:


• Improve the performance of your website

• Increase your conversion rate

• Enhance your user experience

• Expand your target audience

• Manage your brand

• Grow your business prospects


With Google's line of products, they provide tools to help businesses grow. Here are the top 5 Google marketing tools you need as part of your strategic arsenal for 2020.

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1. Google Analytics


In the grand scheme of the digital revolution, the importance of data cannot be stressed enough. Without proper tracking and maintenance of data, businesses can go astray. Data management and monitoring play a key defining role in website optimization.


Whether you own a digital marketing company, a blog site, or an e-commerce store, Google Analytics is a necessary tool for your site. The more you incorporate this tool into your business, the better your website will perform.


Google Analytics is designed to track and report website activity and traffic. You can easily set goals and create conversion tracking systems to maximize your data and analytics. You can apply this information to enhance your site’s content, improve your user experience, and to optimize your sales.

google analytics

2. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is basically Google Webmaster Tools 2.0. This tool is a must-have for all webmasters.


It allows you to track indexing status and improve your site’s visibility.


Google Search Console is an essential part of your Search Engine Optimization. This free tool updates you on the search performance of your website, which enables you to understand your target audience better. With Google tracking, you can view the organic search results along with your website’s performance statistics. This valuable information empowers you to analyze how paid text ads and organic search results benefit you.


Learn how to manage owners, users, and associates in Google’s Search Console!

google search console

3. Google My Business


Google My Business is a very helpful tool that lets businesses manage their online presence. It allows you to make your business available on the Google search engine and appear on Google Maps.


This tool is key for entrepreneurs who own a physical retail store. Helpful tip: Always make sure the information provided about your business is correct and up to date. The information users read first is the information they see when they Google your business.


Learn how to set up your site with Google My Business.

google my business

4. Google Alert


Google Alert keeps you updated on relevant information about a particular topic. This tool keeps you updated with all the latest and trending keywords or phrases.


It helps you monitor simple keywords in real-time when you receive notifications straight to your inbox. You can also adjust the frequency of notifications you receive.

google alerts

5. Google Trend


Search all the popular trends around the world with Google Trend. It helps you identify all the current news and viral trends in your region.


After identifying a trend, Google Trend allows you to integrate it on your promotion ideas or use it in your next blog post.

google trends

All in all, Google not only makes your business appear in the result pages. It helps transform your business' reach as you the ecosystem of your business and make you digitally present. But all these tools won’t render fruition until executed meticulously.