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Web design trends that are likely to continue into 2021

Web design seems challenging, but it's also the solution to many branding problems of our time. Today, we're looking at some of the web design trends in 2021.

Jumping into redesigning your website shouldn't be your instant answer when your digital marketing is not where you'd like it to be. This kind of problem-solving, more often than not, do more harm than good.

Users connect more with brands that use emotions and provide something new. That's why it's crucial to learn about upcoming trends and apply them to your work.

Will trends be leaning on aesthetics? User behavior? Which trend will sink into oblivion?

Top web design trends for 2021

Flexibility of vector graphics

Multimedia is the leading source for aesthetics on any website. Sites with engaging illustrations or high-resolution images are rated higher.

There was a time when pages with rich content took a long time to load, especially for users who browse on their mobile devices. Mobile page indexing results have become essential ranking criteria because Google looks after the needs of its users.

Adaptability is now more in demand than ever. GIF animations and PNG images lose quality when resized. It is entirely impossible to resize them because it damages the saturation. Vector illustration is the solution you're looking for.

Using scalable vector graphics (SVG), you'll create an image that adapts to the screen size and maintains quality. This format is becoming a significant trend both in optimization and web design.

Attention to data

Users read and trust sites and brands with well-researched data. IT is trying to strengthen the position of informative structures. This means that they pay attention to the design based on the project data.

This design primarily serves to compare information about the company. The gathered data ensures a faster and more successful decision-making process. Plus, this approach is a great way to keep your visitors on the page and reduce your bounce rate. You'll have a better indexation on search engines in return.

To design with data, you need to work on the following areas:

• User-friendly interface
• Data analytics
• Credible sources

Data helps with design and how brands communicate with their users. This trend can revitalize any project.

Asymmetry of layouts

Websites have been built on a grid for a long time. Structurally speaking, it is sound and easy to direct people's attention to CTAs or other essential elements. But sometimes, brands lose their identity in the process.

Asymmetry is a 2021 trend to watch out for. It's an opportunity to step back from established creative processes and produce a highly-individualized, energetic, and engaging design.

Floating elements, softness of shadows

Loading a video into the home screen background remains one of the methods for focusing attention. But sometimes, your website speed can be severely affected by this. So, you need to ensure your site loads fast on all devices. 

To do this, use soft shadows and floating, moving image elements. This helps make the design layered while adding depth and complexity.

Use these techniques to design:

• Main text
• Headers
• Images, illustrations
• Active buttons
• Panels

These techniques can be added to any element. Make sure that the design flows well. Using this approach, you can make a versatile and unique design.

Images and graphics in web design

Add your personal style and brand by using original/real images along with illustrations or graphics. Avoid using stock images. Doing this helps your company stand out from the crowd.

An interesting visual effect occurs when combining graphics with images.

A quick example is a collage. Collages can be used in several ways:

• Helps attract and engage consumers
• Illustrate intricate qualities
• Add individuality and originality

How can you maximize this trend? Match the style of the images and graphics with your brand's personality. The user will look at the photo according to what meaning you put in.

Dark theme color in web design

Light colors have been a standard for quite some time. Darker hues becoming a 2021 trend doesn't mean light colors are taking a backseat. But some businesses have opted for a darker shade. This trend will gain more traction this year because it adds a more elegant look.

Look at the websites of some of the biggest brands in the world. Mercedes-Benz and Hublot use a darker colored background.

Many people loved Apple's dark theme on its iOS 13 updates. 

Benefits of a dark background include:

• More visibility showing more detail
• Better contrast
• Easier on the eyes

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger have incorporated dark themes into their designs.

Dark tones are suitable for OLED screens. They help save energy and increase their lifespan. Another trend is the use of neon, which also looks great against a dark background.

Artificial Intelligence

closeup photo of white robot arm

AI is already found in many areas of our lives. Marketing is no exception.

Of course, this has more to do with development than with the final version. AI helps in developing a personalized landing page that can be targeted to a particular context. Moreover, it is:

• Automated data gathering
• Improved graphics selection
• Better website testing
• Add items in appropriate locations

Users expect more and more personalization. Give them exactly what they are looking for using AI.


Website accessibility is an essential task for a designer.

Designers develop sites that are accessible to all users.

First of all, you need to think over the content and features such as:

• Scoring
• Subtitles
• Transcripts
• Adjustable font sizes

Users of all abilities should access information, including those who have difficulties with vision, hearing, etc.

Implementing accessibility updates boost your indexing rate and reach a wider audience.

Dated web design trends

Web design is a critical part of website development. To get your best foot forward, make sure you're focusing on all the right trends.

Here are some outdated trends.

Precise geometry

Strong angles and balanced shapes have been used over the past few years, leading to bland designs.

Bright colors

Bright colors are also losing their shine because it adds unnecessary strain to the eyes. Pastels and muted tones are the way to go.


Many of us expected significant changes in 2020. But instead of big moves, the year that was, was a time of introspection and analysis. By 2021, web designers are ready to take an active role in capitalizing on these web design trends. Websites and web design will be reimagined, and sites will "sound" and look fresher than ever.