Why You Need SEO Optimization, and How Keywords Can Bring Boost Income

Every day, Google processes up to a billion search requests. No matter what service or product your company sells, there are dozens of keywords that match your industry.

And not using this powerful promotional tool means depriving yourself of 50-70% of potential sales.

However, for each request, regardless of its complexity, search engines give from 100 thousand to 1 million or more answers. If your site occupies a position lower than the tenth on this list, then the chances of finding a client will more likely equal zero.

Why do some companies receive tens of thousands of customers from the Internet, while other websites are visited mostly by themselves and their associates? The secret lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The responsibility of the promotional specialists is to make your page more attractive to Google, so the search engine displays it on the first page of SERP.

Still need more information to understand SEO's importance? Then check out a few proofs of this vital need for any entrepreneur.

Invisibility for search engines

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Statistics compiled by research organizations that study the Internet show that 9 out of 10 sites remain invisible to search engines because of improper optimization. This means that they cannot be found by users who do not know the exact URL. Therefore, they lose the opportunity to get new visitors and turn them into customers.

If measures are not taken to advance, the situation will not change. Small investments in SEO will allow you to get links to your resource from several reputable portals, which will bring you out of the "shadow zone" and into the "light."

To attract interested visitors to the site, you need to increase organic traffic and allow site ranking by keywords in search results. For this, you need at least several domains that must refer to your resource. In this case, the ranking of the commercial site will increase, which will affect its position in the search results. Achieving this without SEO activities will fail.

Only organic traffic has long-term effects

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Direct advertising in Google and other similar marketing tricks allow you to bring your resource to the TOP of search results and stay there for as long as you like. However, as soon as funding for this area ceases, all results achieved disappear.

It is another matter when the content of the site is initially developed taking into account possible promotion and further measures are taken in this vein. There is no instant increase in visitors, in this case, however, the number of new users gradually increases, and in the case of its termination, it does not drop to zero. In other words, organic traffic allows you to achieve strategic goals rather than tactical.

Moreover, in the process of increasing the position of search results, it is necessary to focus only on specific keywords. Even though the page can be found by other queries, the use of the entire mass at once does not allow us to use all possible potential. And this leads to the loss of visitors and customers.

SEO needs to be used with key orientation with great potential for search traffic.

Lead control and conversion of visitors to customers

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Search engine promotion, in contrast to short-term marketing tools, allows you to convert leads at any stage of the sales funnel.

The bottom line is:

Using competitors' promotion in your field

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No one forces business owners to advertise their websites on the Internet. However, this does not mean that the advantages of SEO are not appreciated by competitors. The abandonment of this custom search tool gives a competitive advantage to other firms. And they will not slow to use it.

Owners of commercial sites mistakenly believe that promotion can be replaced by paid advertising, or posts on social networks, or other marketing tools. The effectiveness of each of these options is as follows:

The effectiveness of a promotion will be obvious and will cover all other sources. In terms of profits, the income from it is more than 40% in comparison to other means of obtaining clients.

Organic traffic will be great if the link to your site is at the top of the search. About a third of users click on the first position and do not look for alternative options below. The following items also bring considerable results (up to 10).

Paid marketing tools give only 6% of the audience. If you analyze a particular keyword using built-in Google tools, you can see the traffic ratio for organic and paid searches.

Statistics show the following ratio:

Why is it important for advertisements to be at the top of the search results list? As was said above, around 33% of users click on the first link.

The bottom line is that many consumers are doubtful about ads they see on search engines. 94% of them ignore ads that are in the ad unit, paying attention only to organic results.

Therefore, you don’t need to be a professional to understand that only finding the site on the first page of the search, or even better, at the top of the list, allows you to attract new visitors to the site and achieve long-term goals to increase the number of customers.


The evidence listed above is not exhaustive. There are many more factors that prove not only to be useful but also raises the need for SEO. The strategies we've listed above help you compete in your industry. Take necessary actions immediately.

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