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Working with influencers

There's an authentic bond that creates trust and reliability. People listen to their words, follow their actions. Consumers seek their advice on certain products, services, or brands.

Different approaches have been developed to work with opinion leaders. Do you work with content creators with high celebrity status or partner with micro-influencers?

The answer is: It depends on what you're promoting.

Struggle for influence

Many social media influencers are competing against big-name brands over people's attention. 78% of influencers use Instagram to promote brands or products.


To know if influencer marketing is right for you, you should first understand the kinds of content creators.

There's a growing trend on Instagram that revolves around nano- and micro-influencers. They are gaining more traction when it comes to influencing buyers' decision-making processes. Many brands are reaching out to nano- and micro-influencers who have a niche audience between 2,000-70,000.

People seek people

Consumers look for influencers who look and think like them and care for the same things as they do. Bloggers and content creators with their own brand create a lasting impact. Social media influencers can help launch a brand new business. They can promote your blog, brand, and products or services. The key is to be different from millions of similar accounts. Your profile needs to be more human.

Where to find the right influencer

Many influencers use Instagram to promote brands in fashion, skincare, and health and beauty industries. But there are other platforms available for aspiring creators. You'll see hundreds and thousands of how-to or DIY videos that range from building tiny homes, yoga instruction, or guitar tutorials on YouTube.

To find the right content creator, blogger, or vlogger for you, it's important to look at users who comment on their posts, how much engagement they receive, and how they connect with their followers.

Look beyond the likes and reactions

Over the past few years, Instagram has grown into the largest social media platform. Soon Instagram users will no longer see the number of likes a post receives. This will affect not only the habits of users but also how influencers engage on the platform.

Instead of bloggers with millions of subscribers, you should pay attention to micro-influencers who have a niche audience. Micro-influencers have better conversion rates than bigger, more popular influencers.